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Septic Tank Pumping

Maintain your tank will save your bank. Call Express Septic Pumping, the number one ranked!

Get your septic pumped by a professional team, here at Express Septic Pumping, it has never been more easy. As a complete septic pumping service company, we can fully service your home's septic system. We have a fleet of new and high quality pump trucks ready to serivce your septic tank.  Our team of professional technicians are trained to be able to service your septic system and set up maintenance plans with us so you don't have to worry or remeber when you need your tank pumped!

We have been servicing Idaho's Treasure Valley area since 2006 and providing septic services to our much apprecaited customers. Schedule your septic pumping service today!

With every septic tank pump, we conduct a septic tank inspection free of charge. Our technician will go over the condition of your tank with you and complete a form for you to keep and have attached to your invoice.

Summary of our professional services:

  • Digging & Locating Septic Tank Lid
  • Pumping Your Septic Tank
  • Septic Tank Inspection (Free of Charge)
  • Riser Installation
  • Enzyme Treatement and 1-Year Supply
  • Maintenance Plans (My Choice Protection Plan)
  • Replacing Baffels
  • Jetting Your Drain Field
  • Caustic Treatements and Rejuvenations
  • Drain Field Installation / Replacement / Repair

Professional Septic Service

We are a family-owned and locally founded company here in Idaho. Our fleet of pump trucks and team of professional septic pumping technicians are ready to service you. All you have to do is call or schedule online! When you schedule your septic pumping service with our team, you are protecting your home and septic system.

Tank Location Services

If you are unsure about where you tank is located, our technicians come with tools to be able to locate your septic tank for you! Depending on when your house was built, we can even pull a map to be able to assist with locating your tank.

While we are there, we can install a riser for your, that way your tank is easy to access and never have to question where you setptic tank is located. Let us know if installing a riser is perfect for your home, we can go over pricing and complete the work for you!

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Potability and Productivity Testing
(Well and Water Testing)

Let us know if you would like a potability and productivity test while we are there pumping your tank! We have special pricing for testing when you get your septic tank pumped along with the testing.

We test for coliforms, e-coli, arsenic, nitrites, and nitrates. As well as the capability of the well to provide water, measure static head level, measure active head level, and gallons per minute.

Need results within 72 hours? We can rush the test for you, just let us know when you are booking your service with us.

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