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Parking Lot Pumping

We have had an exceptionally wet season here in the Treasure Valley. With flash flood warnings and seemingly random bursts of heavy rain, we're all ready to dry out for a while. The excessive rain can be especially frustrating if you are a business owner. There have been countless cases of parking lots flooding. This can be extremely inconvenient for your customers, as it seems they have to wade through water just to get through your doors! This is why parking lot drains are important. They help to drain away all of that excess water. Unfortunately, sometimes rain water isn't [...]

Adding Yeast to a Septic Tank

It is important to maintain your septic tank. Routine pumpings are essential to ensuring smooth operation. Obtaining an inspection with each pump is advised as well. Keeping an eye on the drain field will help ensure septic system health. But what can you do in the meantime? Most people don't know that simply adding yeast to their tank can improve its health and performance. It's also a green way to upkeep your system! Here's what you do: go to the store and buy active dry yeast. You can find this in any grocery store. You have some options. It can [...]

Obtaining a Septic Permit

Changing your home's wastewater system is a big decision. You've weighed the pros and cons and have decided that a septic system is right for you. So, the next step is obtaining a septic permit. But how does one obtain a permit? This could be a different process for different areas. Here is a basic layout of what getting a septic permit may look like. You need to have the site evaluated first. A public health district official should evaluate the site. They will tell you if additional testing of the site is required. Also, a licensed contractor should be contacted. [...]

Baffled By Baffles

There are a lot of different aspects of a septic system. You should have a basic understanding of them if you own a home with a septic tank. Knowing how your system works will help you make sure it is functioning properly. A vital part of this system are the baffles. But what is a baffle? Don't let it baffle you. We will take a closer look. Inlet baffles play a key part of your septic system's process. Basically, they help to slow down the incoming sewage so it doesn't come into your tank with too much force. The baffles [...]

Is Septic or Sewer Better?

If you've purchased a home, it's likely that you know whether it is on a septic or sewer system. But, did you know you have a choice? While the previous homeowners may have preferred the system the home is on now, perhaps you'd like to weigh your options. Take a look at the differences between each kind of wastewater system. Then you can make an informed decision on which one is better for your household. Cost should be the first factor. Hooking up to a city sewer system will incur a bill. How often you are billed depends on the [...]

What is a Pump Station?

You may have heard of a pump station. Sometimes, they are called "lift stations". But what are they? There are a few different types. There are pump stations designed for canal systems and land drainage. Sewage systems also use pump stations. Let's take a look at each one's function. Canal Systems In areas with canal systems, pump stations are vital to ensure the system continues to function properly. Water is lost each time a vessel passes through a canal. The water goes from the upper part of the system to the lower because of how the canal locks work. To [...]