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Baffled By Baffles

There are a lot of different aspects of a septic system. You should have a basic understanding of them if you own a home with a septic tank. Knowing how your system works will help you make sure it is functioning properly. A vital part of this system are the [...]

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Is Septic or Sewer Better?

If you've purchased a home, it's likely that you know whether it is on a septic or sewer system. But, did you know you have a choice? While the previous homeowners may have preferred the system the home is on now, perhaps you'd like to weigh your options. Take a [...]

Is Septic or Sewer Better? 2017-03-28T20:06:31+00:00

What is a Pump Station?

You may have heard of a pump station. Sometimes, they are called "lift stations". But what are they? There are a few different types. There are pump stations designed for canal systems and land drainage. Sewage systems also use pump stations. Let's take a look at each one's function. Canal [...]

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Grease Trap and Maintenace

Business owners must follow certain laws and guidelines. This is especially true for businesses that produce food. Boise alone maintains 600 miles of wastewater pipe and delivers over 20 million gallons of raw sewage per day to its wastewater treatment facilities. Imagine the number for the entire Treasure Valley! Improper handing of [...]

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Managing Properties with a Septic System

Owning a home with a septic system gets you familiarized with the needs of the system. Most owners will tell you they are aware of the signs that their system needs attention. However, what if you are renting that home to someone else? Are your tenants aware of the signs? [...]

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Water Conservation Tips for Owners of Residential Septic Systems

Sure you've heard that conserving water is the thing to do. But have you considered the implications of doing so for your septic system? Don't yawn just yet. Because we're about to share a few tips that will save you money in the short and long run. And money saved [...]

Water Conservation Tips for Owners of Residential Septic Systems 2017-03-20T21:56:46+00:00

Septic tank alarm going off? Don’t panic!

Many modern and alternative septic systems have alarms to notify the homeowner of a potential problem. Though it can be annoying when the system alarms and you are forced to think about your septic system. This could prevent the system from backing up in your house. Proper maintenance and operation [...]

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Septic Pumping Process

Most conscious septic tank owners know that their system needs regular maintenance pumping to remain healthy. The average time frame is every three to five years. What you may not know is what the process is during a maintenance pump. The most important thing is to select a professional company. They [...]

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Septage Disposal

You may be unfamiliar with the term "septage". This is the material pumped from your septic tank. Septage is hazardous. This is because of the unknown quantity of pathogens that may have passed in bodily waste. Among them could include parasites, bacterial organisms, and other organisms that can cause other [...]

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Septic Filters

If you are on a septic system at your home, diligent maintenance is a must. The septic system is a delicate ecosystem that could cause some unpleasant and costly damages if not properly maintained. Septic filters are in place to filter the wastewater before it enters the drain field. Basically, [...]

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