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How does a toilet work?

How does a toilet work? Of all the appliances in our home. The toilet might be the most resilient. They are an absolute essential for all of us and are used every day. Toilets can last for years without any noticeable issues and sometimes even wear. Despite the toilets enduring [...]

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Fabric Softeners and Septic Tanks

Many Septic tank owners have gotten used to paying attention to what goes down their drains. This is especially true for owners who have had a tank for several years. They are usually pretty conscious about not putting anything down the drain that could be harmful. Unfortunately, these are still [...]

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When Should My Septic Tank be Pumped?

On average, nobody really thinks about their septic tank until they have an issue. Since tanks are underground, we don't tend to pay attention to them until it's too late. It's recommended to have your septic tank pumped every 3-5 years. This is typical for a family of four. Sometimes, [...]

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Importance of Video Inspections

Plumbing and sewer systems are not a very attractive feature in your home. That's why it's nice you can't see these systems. However, that makes detecting plumbing problems harder because you simply can't see what's wrong. A good way to see what exactly is going on in your pipes. Is [...]

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