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What Does a Septic System Include?

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with their septic system. However, they are responsible for its maintenance and, if the system is well designed and maintained, it can effectively treat and filter household wastewater for several decades. Septic systems are found in over 20% of homes in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1, and consist of the following elements: Septic Tank Wastewater that leaves your home flows into the septic tank. This watertight compartment is connected to inlet pipes from your home and outlet pipes that lead to the drain field. Inside the tank, solids and liquids separate into three layers. A [...]

How Your Septic System Works

A septic system can provide decades of reliable service if it is well-designed and properly installed and maintained. To understand how your septic system works and what can go wrong, it helps to have a visual aide explain the process. Keeping a septic tank and its components in good shape can save tens of thousands in repairs and replacements. Here is an overview of how a typical septic system works in the average home. A septic system is designed to break down waste with the help of bacteria. While bacteria thrive in the tank and drain field, the septic system [...]

Maintaining your Septic Lift Stations

Lift stations are not something a homeowner or business owner thinks about until something goes wrong. A lift station is used to pump wastewater or sewage from a low level to a higher level. When the gradient of the area does not allow for a natural flow. When gravity does not work to your benefit. Lift stations can help move sewage from the collection area to a distant septic system or sewer. The lift station depends on the reliability of a float-controlled switch. There are two main elements to a lift station: the wet well and the controls. The wet well is a [...]

Gardening and Your Septic Tank

Gardening and your septic tank. Grass is always greener around the septic tank. And it's true! All the nutrients around your drain field are excellent for living organisms in your yard. The standard advice is that you shouldn't plant anything other than grass over a drain field just out of concern for the field itself. That's because plants with deep, or aggressive, roots, can clog or bust through pipes in your septic system, which end up costing you a hefty amount of money to replace. If you have a septic system though, don't feel like you can't plant in your [...]

Septic Safe Soaps

Savvy homeowners take good care of their septic system. They know that a properly functioning system is vital to a happy and healthy household. You are probably careful about what you put down your drains. But sometimes owners are putting things down the drain that can be harmful. They are often completely unaware of this. Did you know that some soaps can be more harmful to your system than others? Don't worry. Sometimes simply switching types or brands can be the answer. First and foremost, you should be using soaps that are biodegradable. Remember, your tank is its own ecosystem. [...]

Prevent Disasters and Save Money with Septic Inspections

Prevent septic Disasters. If you have a septic tank and or pump chamber. Do not wait for that day when everything smells bad or backs up! While this sounds like a bad pun, don't wait or you could have that awful moment. Save money with a septic inspection. Septic system backups can and do happen. And when they do they create unhealthy and very unpleasant smelling and conditions inside and outside of the house. If you have a septic system, maintenance inspections or pumping should be a very high priority. It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for the repair [...]